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Leather care of BURKELY bags

Congratulations on your purchase of your unique BURKELY bag!

Our bags are made sustainably and ethically from high-quality leather. We believe in making a positive impact on the world in this way. With proper use and care, our products can last for many years, developing character and becoming even more beautiful with each experience. Maintaining your bag doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.


How to protect, nurture and clean your BURKELY bag

Prevention is always better than cure. Leather is a natural material that, just like your own skin, reacts to factors such as (sun)light, water, and dirt. To keep the leather looking beautiful for as long as possible, we recommend following these three steps:

  • Stap 1: Protect (make dirt and water repellent);
  • Stap 2: Care (feeding, coloring and possibly making it scratch-free);
  • Stap 3: Cleaning (removing stains).


Step 1: Protect

It starts with good protection to prevent external influences such as water and dirt, but also (sun) light. Before using the bag, we therefore recommend impregnating it well with a dirt and water-repellent spray.


Invest in the right sprays, such as the Collonil Carbon Pro spray for suede and nubuck, or the Collonil Carbon Wax spray for smooth and waxed leather. The Collonil Carbon Wax spray not only provides protection but also nourishes the leather with various types of wax contained in the spray.


Use of the sprays:

  • Spray the bag at a distance of 30 cm;
  • Then let the bag dry for 30 minutes (if necessary, rub for shine);
  • Repeat regularly for the right protection (1 x every 30 days, depending on use).


Step 2: Nurture

We believe that leather becomes more beautiful as it is used over time. However, to prevent drying out and to care for any signs of wear, we recommend regularly nourishing the leather with a conditioning cream. This not only helps prevent drying but also restores the original color of the leather.


For waxed leather, the Collonil 1909 Wax Leather tube is a great option as it contains valuable ingredients such as high-quality waxes and nourishing oils. It helps maintain the original look of the bag by removing scratches and restoring the color. To use, apply a thin and even layer with a dry cloth or brush. Allow it to penetrate the leather well and optionally buff for a glossy finish.


For smooth leather, we recommend the Collonil 1909 Leather Cream tube. This product also contains valuable nourishing oils and has a mild cleaning function, making it ideal for light-colored leather. It brings back the shine to the leather. To use, apply a thin and even layer with a dry cloth or brush. Allow it to penetrate the leather and buff for a glossy finish (and to remove any spots).


To restore the texture and color of suede and nubuck, we recommend using the Natur Crepe Brush. This brush helps revive the original structure of the leather. The friction created by brushing generates heat, which also has a cleaning effect on the leather. Use the brush to gently rub and restore the suede or nubuck surface.


Step 3: Cleaning

If something has been spilled on your bag, it is best to remove it by first dry cleaning it with a clean cotton cloth or brush. Gently blot or brush the affected area to remove any residue or stains. Avoid using excessive force or rubbing, as this may damage the leather.


For wax leather and smooth leather, grease, oil, and moisture stains will gradually fade over time. If you find the stain still bothersome, you can use the Collonil Clean & Care spray to help reduce its visibility. However, it is important to treat the entire bag with this product to prevent any color differences. Apply the spray with a dry cloth or brush and allow it to penetrate the leather. Repeat the process if necessary.


Afterwards, treat the bag again with a nourishing cream to revive the color, and then protect it with a dirt- and water-repellent spray such as the previously mentioned “Collonil Carbon Pro spray for suede & nubuck” or the “Collonil Carbon Wax spray for smooth & wax leather.”


Be cautious when removing stains on suede and nubuck as these are delicate leather types. We recommend dry cleaning first using the Natur Crepe Brush as mentioned earlier. If the stain persists, you can try the Collonil Clean & Care spray. Remember to treat the entire bag to avoid color discrepancies. Apply the product with a dry cloth or brush and let it penetrate. Repeat if necessary.

Afterward, use the Natur Crepe Brush to restore the texture, and then protect the leather with the Collonil Carbon Pro spray.


If the stain is severe and appears to be difficult to remove, please feel free to contact us for further advice and assistance.


Tips & Tricks

Try to limit the use of your bag in the rain. If your bag does get wet, allow it to dry naturally and never use a heater or hairdryer, as this can dry out the leather. If you want to store your purchase for an extended period of time, it is best to do so in a cotton bag. Do not store your bag in a plastic bag, as leather is a natural material and needs to breathe. Fill the bag with old newspapers to help it maintain its shape.



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