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At BURKELY, we work every day with passion, precision, and craftsmanship to make perfect bags while simultaneously taking our responsibility seriously.

At BURKELY, we strive to minimize our footprint, aim for long-term relationships, and choose quality over quantity. We do this, among other things, by using packaging made from recycled material, working with factories that are BSCI certified, and aiming for 25% of our collection to be produced with leather from the Leather Working Group (LWG) by 2024.

Leather with a Conscience

At BURKELY, we aim to keep our footprint as small as possible, go for long-term relationships, and prioritize quality over quantity. This is achieved by using packaging from recycled material, working with BSCI-certified factories, and aiming that, by 2024, 25% of our collection will be produced with leather from the Leather Working Group (LWG).

Are you curious about how to best care for your leather bag? Then take a look at our care page, where it’s explained how to maintain and protect different types of leather against dirt. Click here.

Why we do not work with Vegan Leather is a question we often receive. Vegan leather is mostly made from PU (polyurethane). This material has a shorter lifespan, is difficult to decompose or recycle, and thereby contributes to the plastic soup. Hence, we believe Vegan Leather is not better for the world than sustainably produced leather.

Leather Working Group

At BURKELY, we commit to improving the leather supply chain with quality products that are produced fairly and safely with less environmental impact. To achieve this, we like to work with tanneries affiliated with the Leather Working Group (LWG). We aim for 25% of our collection to be produced with leather from the LWG by 2024.

The Leather Working Group (LWG) is an international, non-profit organization responsible for the world’s largest sustainability program for leather. LWG aims to improve the environmental impact of the leather industry by evaluating and certifying leather manufacturers. They also proactively contribute to reducing their emissions.

Want to know more about the Leather Working Group? Check out their website here: Leather Working Group

Working Conditions

Since 1993, all BURKELY bags have been produced in India, where we maintain close ties. Besides striving for sustainable materials, we also monitor the working conditions. This includes looking at safety, fair wages, and the absence of forced and child labor. We travel to the factories in India several times a year, and we also work with BSCI-certified factories.

BSCI is an initiative from European companies aiming for better working conditions. BSCI stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative and thus aims to improve and ensure labor conditions.

You can therefore trust that all BURKELY items have been made under fair conditions. We’ve got your bag!


Currently, a portion of our collection is produced with leather from the LWG. By purchasing these products, you contribute to responsible and planet-friendly leather production. You can recognize these items on our webshop by the LWG logo in the image. View the LWG collection here.


All our packaging is made from recycled materials. This includes the tags attached to the bags and the plastic polybags that ensure your new bag is delivered to you undamaged. Will you also separate the materials when you dispose of them? This way, we contribute together to a better world.

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