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Who are we?

BURKELY was founded in 1988 by a family business that today has 75 years of experience within the leather goods industry. The passion and expertise are passed on from generation to generation, creating a rich history and extensive knowledge of the products.


Discover our story

BURKELY, established in 1988 by the family business Horsten Leather Goods, now has 75 years of experience in the leather goods industry. This passion and expertise have been passed down for generations, resulting in a rich history and comprehensive knowledge of our products.

In 1944, the parent company Horsten Leather Goods was founded by Mr. A Horsten in Waalwijk, the leather capital of the Netherlands. Years later, when one of his sons, Cees Horsten, turned sixteen and decided to leave school, he had to join the family business. This proved to be a smart move, as Cees successfully led the company for over 50 years. He has since passed his knowledge on to his son Preben Horsten, who is now at the helm of Horsten Leather Goods with a clear vision to further grow BURKELY.

For many years, BURKELY was one of the few leather goods companies with a production line in the Netherlands, but in 1993, Cees Horsten traveled the world to find the best craftsmen. And with a rich history in the leather industry, India met all the requirements. A true Dutch family business with a rich history that has grown over the years into a renowned leather goods bag brand.

Currently, BURKELY distributes over 500,000 articles per year across different countries, but the ambitious team plans not to stop there. They aim to make even more people around the world happy with a BURKELY bag in the future.

Love for leather

For years, we have been working with our regular manufacturers in India. Thanks to these long-term relationships, we can guarantee the quality of our leather. Our collections, such as Parisian Paige, Modest Meghan, Beloved Bailey, and Fundamentals Vintage, are made from leather tanned with vegetable extracts and finished with natural oils.

We have been working with our regular manufacturers in India for years; these longstanding collaborations allow us to guarantee quality. The leather of our Parisian Paige, Modest Meghan, Beloved Bailey, and Fundamentals Vintage collection is tanned with vegetable extracts and finished with natural oils. With passion and experience, we make your own BURKELY bag with this quality leather!

Sustainable craftsmanship

BURKELY bags are stylish, functional, authentic, and always well thought out. They are sustainably and socially responsibly produced. Moreover, we are a future-oriented company, and we aim to grow responsibly.

The finest leather, the best designs, and sustainable solutions; these are the constant ingredients of every new BURKELY collection. The eye for detail and passionate craftsmanship of founder A. Horsten are also passed on with pride from generation to generation. BURKELY bags are characterized by the perfect balance between functionality and design. Luxury extras and details ensure an unprecedented rich appearance of every bag.


Producing with love for leather

We always try to use the entire hide. Every year, more than 40% of leather is thrown away by the fashion industry. When we make our products, we use the whole hide and make small leather goods from the small remaining pieces. And we make it into a handmade and sustainable masterpiece, especially for you!

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